Monday, March 5, 2012

Childrens Photographer, The Woodlands, TX

Here we come to save the day!!!  

I have been planning on photographing my boys in their superhero capes for 6 months now.  It seemed like it was never the ideal time, so I kept putting it off....and as any photographer knows, your own children are typically the most difficult to photograph.  They don't seem to think your humor is that entertaining.

So, at 38 weeks with my 4th baby boy arriving any day now, I decided it was now or never.  They only allowed me to photograph them for right under 5 minutes.  It is amazing how many great shots you can get during such a short time if they are having fun!  What are YOU waiting for!??!  Dust off your camera and capture your kids today.  It is never a perfect time and they grow so quickly!  :)

The "scrapbooking" style photographs with captions on their interests and milestones were inspired from pinterest.  Check out that site immediately, if you have not!  :)  Only about 200 more things to cross off my to do list before Baby Ryan arrives....

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